Friday, July 3, 2015

one last time.

really a roller-coaster ride; 5 years; less than ten times of meetings; we dont even talk much; but it is not the talking; he is back into my life; he spoke; i cried; he needed to fill his void and gap before hence the violence; both our feelings are still showing; we cant deny; hence the staying; my stubbornness; wonder why he is still into me; now he realizes a lot of things along the way; 5 years is a long time; why now? i keep on asking questions, pointless questions, to him it doesn't matter; he seems to remember everything; it's not the length of thing; it's the depth; he said even if he needs to peel me like an onion for the rest of his live; he is willing to and he wants to; no one forces him to; he said let it go; let's move on; give each other and give us another chance; he said he is happy; genuinely happy; no one has asked me to stay for so many times; i am not sure if this is what i want in my life; but at this down point of my life he walks in again; i take it as a sign; of something truthful and real; finally taking place and happen for one last time.

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