Sunday, May 24, 2015

The force is within you. Force yourself.

- letting me know (you also letting all your close friends know)
- listen to what i say (you also listen to what your close friends have to say)
- make decision as a couple and reach consensus, together (this if we ARE a couple, only we can do, but are we?) having a say means i get to make the decision too.

these are 3 different things altogether.

we can argue our case to no end deciding if we are a couple or not.

if you want sincere loyal friends, like the three of your closest friends, me too, can be another.

i feel no place here, not as your girl friend (maybe you dont feel like my boyfriend too), this is what i am trying to tell you. by leaving me out and have you, yourself dealing with it all doesn't cause any ease, you are sidelining me and it creates doubt in this relationship. i cant bear to see you get hurt and sad. it makes me sad. i feel bad i cant be there for you and help you thru, this is what people do when they emotionally attach.

it will be tough, but time will heal. it always does.

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