Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wisdom comes alone through suffering.

you have made your decision, i respect that. i wish you all the best in finding what you looking for.

i am no less lonely and helpless than you do, life goes on. living is in the everyday life. everyone has their own shit to deal with. being together seems to make it a little bit bearable, at least to me. i am sorry you dont feel that way.

looking back knowing you for a year, you taught me how to talk a lot, be vocal and stand up for myself, when you have someone caring for you, things are different.

maybe i didn't contribute much in this relationship, being kind is apparently not enough.

i do not know what these few months will do. there's may be something or there may be nothing. i cant let you do things you are not ready for, that will not be fair.

i can need you but i also can tell myself not needing you to give you the space & time you need to think things thru.

it's a cliche, but if someone truly matter to you, you respect  them and set them free. now seems to be that moment. i care for you William and i really want you to be well.

If i cant help you with that, at least i can give you the space you need.

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