Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wisdom begins in wonder.


today is the very first day we have no contact with each other at all;
no phone call;
no skype;
no SMS;

work was boring and slow;
i miss you very much;
wish i can talk about anything;

the pre lunch time call;

the at home call;

i met up with a friend;
totally not interested in his story anymore;
seems like a drag;
if you are in love with someone and if she matters;
you will work hard for it;
i believe that;

i want to start over;
i want to be proper;
i want to do a lot of things;

i bind my assignment ready to submit this weekend;

my brother started to get busy with his new house;
i will be living by myself soon;
for the very first time in 37 years;
i will be living alone;

i am looking forward to it.

i miss you;
so so much.


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