Tuesday, March 3, 2015


i saw you over the weekend;
and then i saw you again because you have a meeting;
i was so happy;
you can see that im happy;
we got very chatty at the Japanese restaurant;
say "please, always say "please";
a lot of things i know but never care;
you have taught me to care;
i thought i never would, again;
i thought we were going to be together;
i guess my reply is too much for you to take;
then i receive a note saying that you needed a break;
finally it came;
im not sure what to say;
im not the pressing type;
i trust you have your own reason;
i trust you may not be ready;
i trust maybe i am not the one;

you still call me and talk to me about her;
i dont know what to say;
i am feeling sad at the moment that we parted;
the rest of things dont seem to matter anymore;

too many things too many thoughts too little time;
im letting it be;
im letting it go;
for now.

please be very well, i want you to be well.

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