Thursday, September 25, 2014

Some people say that dreaming gets you nowhere in life. But I say you can't get anywhere in life without dreaming.

in our case, yes - love becomes something that grows, in time and with time. it has to be.

if anything, for now, i like you and i admire you.

I would like to build a home, one with love and passion. The ability to own a house, have kids all are physically possible. a "home" is a different thing. if there's one goal you and i have, ultimately is that, i guess.

you ask me can i build a home with you? i can tell you honestly i can. should it be overtime instill love in it as you said to grow love? or we should love, trust, respect, understand, care for each other first only then take the next step forward? i wonder and no one will have an answer. Can we also just say "let's do it"? :) we dont know.

can you and do you want to build a home with me?

funny thing about you and i, as furious as our fight/conversation hit up, we dont stay mad with each other for long and that gives me hope to go on, everyday.

these are the things im thinking about when we are apart, the possibility of us being together, to shorten the distance.

At time, i am just too forgetful and often make terrible blunder, but i am not making it as an excuse and say it's ok to repeat that. me too living, surviving one day at a time, it scares me, life is as such, a cliche, in the end, it goes on.

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