Thursday, September 18, 2014

After much suffering and torment, I was resurrected large, and pure, and immaculate.

Point #1: Respect your space and time - which includes:-

·         No surprise visit

·         Visiting within time range and specific request

·         No odd hour call

Point #2: design your life

Point #3: find depth, elegant, serenity

Point #4: find peace

Point #5: live your life, live the way you want

Point #6: think big, rise to the occasion

Do you remember the one thing you say you will never take away from anybody – their choices?

You mentioned so many points, I feel I am slowly losing my choices, my freedom, my identity, my thought, my voice. You can argue otherwise that this is how you want them, because you have your way. I understand. I have mine too and whatever way I do thing is always the wrong way, the way that you don’t like, the way that will invade your space, your time.

If you are planning to programme me, sure go ahead, be my guest! I am a human being, just a human being. I can only let you set me a limit too many times.

For last Friday, if I insist stubbornly I want to get off 6pm, I will not be able to see you - but i care and want to see you so much i make the effort, what if there's really time in future that i cant get off, will you be flexible and allow me to come late without feeling upset? without feeling i dont give you YOUR SPACE/ YOUR TIME?

For the 2am call, it’s just something “random” that I feel I want to do.

You can set rules and I can also set mine too. I am hanging on and see how many times I can cope until eventually I cannot take it, explode and go on my way.

I am just a very sensitive, emotional human being. I start to care for you so much it not really funny.

If we cannot figure out how to compromise, it’s very very hard to go on and we will just end up always agitate, annoy each other with nothing great coming out then hate each other. Now that I know “Random”, “Surprises” are not your favourite word in the world.

Please please don’t pretend and do not say anymore “ I can do whatever I want” because you forget to insert – “You can do whatever you want, (but on MY TERM)”.

I can never ever do what I want, at least it is on your term.

I feel you STILL want to maintain the same life you are having but you want a partner that totally MATCH your time, your space, as if the other person time and space do not exist. I am a selfish person too i admit, but i start to think about you. you may say the same thing, but i really don't feel it, instead you make me feel im not worth your time unless i match your time.

You really have a way of bringing my mood down instantly, I was happy, very very happy until you call.

Forgive all my rude & "not nice" comment, that's all the "intelligent" things i have in mind right now.

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