Friday, June 13, 2014

Adversity is the trial of principle. Without it, a man hardly knows whether he is honest or not.

Im going on minding my own business; we have been talking, texting daily ever since our weekend meet; I am happy; being here; living; the things that you told me I hope that you are also telling yourself the same because that is also the sort of thing I want you to do for yourself; you said you think about me a little more these days; missing me even; I used to be just “ok”; but now I seem to invade your mind; I hope someday soon enough your heart; I know you are leaving soon and suddenly decided maybe to take a trip with you; without mean to bother you; you ask me why do I want to come; but you never really take "just because" as an answer; because you say things are never just as simple as it seems; I just want to be with you and that's nothing but the truth; I never initiate anything until you mention it; we going back and forth on that idea and finally drop it because it just sounds too crazy at this point of time; I have to admit it is and I am just being my crazy spontaneous random self; I wish not force you and implying you must; I also don't want you to feel obligated; I am hardly intrusive; I am actually happy inside you feel that way, which means I am getting through to you; I am bothering you hard enough; this secretly thrills me.

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